All you need to know about our Triumph Thruxton fender

Made with high-quality materials, the Triumph Thruxton fender is a very resistant part and a great addition to this motorcycle made by the British brand. One of the most popular models among our clients, this modern classic has a very distinctive sport look that can be personalized making some upgrades. If you are thinking of making some changes, browse our customized Thruxton to get some inspiration and see how the fenders look in different styles.

Main features of the Triumph Thruxton mudguard 

The Triumph Thruxton fender is handmade using fiberglass. A very flexible material the becomes extremely resistant once the part is finished. On the web they are available on a wide range of colors. The sizes vary depending on the model, they can be 36x15 cm or 44x17 cm. Installing the Triumph Thruxton mudguard is very easy because the design has the same anchor points as the original part. You can replace the old part for the new one in no time, with some basic tools and at home. To see the full installation instructions, as well as the detailed description of each model, go to the information page of each product.


Once the order for the Thruxton fender is placed, it takes 72 hours to arrive to its destination. If it has to be painted, the time goes up to a maximum of 15 working days. To withstand the delivery process without damage, our team packs every part safely. To know more about the fenders, the shipping, the warranty, or the return process, go to the FAQ or contact our team.