Triumph California

As the most populous and one of the biggest states in the country, it isn’t surprising that there are several dealers of Triumph in California, currently there are twenty-one. The northernmost dealer of Triumph in California is A & S Motorcycles in Roseville, a dealership that has been in the area since 1968 and offers new and used motorcycles, parts, accessories, apparel, and gear. This family-owned and operated dealer also has a service department and an online shop.

At the center of the state, we have another dealer of Triumph in California, Clawson Motorsports in Fresno, also a family-owned business that sells new and pre-owned motorcycles. They have a knowledgeable staff, focused on helping the client find their perfect motorcycle and maintain it in perfect conditions with the help of the service department.

Finally, the southernmost dealer of Triumph in California is Del Amo Motorsports in Long Beach. This dealer has been in business since 1985 and has become one of the largest dealerships in the nation, they offer new and used motorcycles, trade-in, parts, and service.

As one of the most popular tourist destinations, there are several interesting stops along the road for the motorcyclists, it is also important to be aware of the high tourist season and the hours with the most traffic. California also has an incredible landscape thanks to the miles of coastline and terrain diversity.

Triumph California, custom motorcycle by Tamarit

Our shop is based in Spain, but we work with clients from all over the world to create unique and personal custom motorcycles. We specialize in the modern classic series of the British manufacturer, which has helped us to perfect our process and to know every nook and cranny of these models.

The process of shipping a custom Triumph to California is the same as shipping one to any other part of the country. It is quite simple thanks to the shipping company we collaborate with, which specializes in international shipping and ensures every custom motorcycle and part arrives in perfect conditions. We also work with a team of engineers that make sure the motorcycle follows all the laws and regulations of the US, so it can cruise the roads of the country without any problem. Having one of our custom Triumph in California is carrying a bit of British heritage and the best of Spanish design and craftsmanship on the streets of this beautiful state.