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Triumph sump guard "Hummer". Engine protection

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Suitable for: Scrambler 900 and Scrambler EFI. (For all other models it is necessary to change the original collectors).

Measurements: 42x19x29cm
Materials: Stainless steel 2mm thick.
Parts containing: Sump guard, screws and clamps.


Triumph sump guard "Hummer". Engine protection

What pieces does it contain? Includes a Triumph sump guard, screws and clamps.

How to place it?

The Triumph sump guard "Hummer" protects the bottom of the bike and is very easy to place.Remove the two lower screws (from the four screws that hold the chassis), present the part and place our screws in place.

All of our Triumph sump guard come ready-to-ride and assemble because they use the same anchorages as the factory models.

What materials are manufactured?

All the pieces are manufactured by hand with the best materials on the market. The Triumph sump guard Hummer is made of 2mm thick stainless steel.

Which Tamarit Motorcycles motorcycle includes the sump guard Hummer? 
We have a personalized motorcycle in which we have added the sump guard Hummer. You can see it below: Santa Maria.

Ref: CCH34


 triumph sump guard engine protection