Triumph Brat Style

A Triumph Brat Style is a perfect combination of British heritage and engineering with a unique style charged with personality. This style was born in 1998 in Japan when its creator, Go Takamine, opened his customization shop and named it Brat Style. There, he customized motorcycles with a similar style to an American Bobber, stripped-back and with a low stance, but with a unique turn. As the style expanded to the rest of the world, this kind of customizations evolved and adopted the name of the Japanese shop.

Brat Style Triumph

Heritage and style

Triumph motorcycles are a prominent fixture in the motorcycle industry, this British manufacturer has a long history that began in 1902 with their first factory in Coventry and continues today with their factory in Hinckley. Their long heritage is reflected in the design of the modern classic series, motorcycles with a timeless style and the latest technology.

Brat motorcycles, a relatively new style compared to the long history of the British manufacturer, tend to be light, minimalist, and easy to handle motorcycles, they usually are models with medium cylinder capacity. This style is made for everyday rides, which makes comfort a main priority, the position of the footrest, seat, and handlebar focuses on comfort leaving aerodynamics in a second place. With all the modifications to the style over the years, this style does not appear to have a clear definition, but they have common traits that help us recognize them, a Triumph Brat Style will have a minimalist design, low suspension, flat low seat, and high handlebar.

Triumph Brat Style by Tamarit

Designs like no other

The process to customize a Triumph Brat Style starts like any other. A client will approach us with an idea and our team will work with them until that idea becomes an exclusive and personal design. With each customization project, our catalog of custom parts and accessories for the modern classic motorcycles grows to easily personalize a Triumph Brat Style.

We only work with motorcycles of the modern classic series, this specialization has not limited us, but has helped us understand the Bonneville engines that power these models and the potential each one has. So far, we have worked on over one hundred customization projects, twenty-two of which have been Brat Style motorcycles. Each one of the custom Triumph Brat Style motorcycles we’ve done has a unique design that tells a personal story.


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