Best Cafe Racer motorcycles

1. Jade

This last project in the ranking of the best Cafe Racer motorcycles stands out for its classic and elegant style, one of the best unique collector's piece due to the infinite number of details that make it up. Gold, chrome-plated and leather are the basis on which this creation is based, its colors are inspired by jade and its shine, which makes it a real mechanical jewel. A totally handcrafted process and a true work of maximum performance that also has the iconic Thruxton 900 carburetor engine. A motorcycle that will make all those lovers of neoclassical motorcycle styles sigh with its sound.

Best Cafe Racer motorcycles

2. Gullwing X

Continuing with the classic technology of the Cafe Racer Gullwing motorcycles, but transforming towards a sportier design, the Gullwing X project makes the difference with a new Keihin FCR 39 carburetor, Beringer brake calipers, Kineo rims and a tailor-made front fairing for the occasion. It is no coincidence that the Gullwing X is one of the best Cafe Racer motorcycles: it is an innovative model of the Gullwing that is presented as an improved version adding new components and features with a sportier character, which improves its features by providing the best driving experience, more performance and carefree.

Best Cafe Racer motorcycles

3. Gotham

Gotham has been built on the basis of a Triumph Bonneville 865cc engine in which, once again, sought to go beyond the limits of the concept of the best Cafe Racer motorcycles. This project also included some major modifications such as the original electronics removal, with their subsequent relocation in a small case created under the seat and the development of a tailor-made rear fender that gives the motorcycle a unique personality. To fit the rear fender, an extension of the swingarm had to be made to leave room for this new part. Gotham has also included the fairing developed on one of our best and most special jobs, the Gullwing X.

Best Cafe Racer motorcycles

4. Renatide

Speed, technology and high performance are the three nouns that best define the Renatide model, within the best Cafe Racer motorcycles style. It has a 1200cc engine, a maximum torque of 120nm and a maximum power of 110 hp that will make you enjoy its performance style and its strong competitive spirit. Some of the features that characterize this model are its chromatic inspiration centered on one of the gray tones used by the Porsche car brand, its exclusive Monaco seat split in two and its high performance lighting.

Best Cafe Racer motorcycles

5. Gullwing

Best Cafe Racer motorcycles, Gullwing, represent one of the best classic styles featuring 78 hp and a Triumph Thruxton 900cc carbureted engine. This motorcycle pays homage to one of the most emblematic cars in the history of motoring, the Mercedes 300SL Gullwing. In addition, these motorcycles reinterpret one of the most iconic elements, the "wings", represented in a one-piece body and cowl that is hydraulically raised. The ignition key, the hydraulic gel monocoque frame, the KN power filters or the Motogadget devices, make up the common elements of these unique pieces.


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