Triumph Bobber Black custom

A Triumph Bobber Black custom has incredible performance, technology, and the characteristic stance of this model with an exclusive and personal design. This motorcycle has a long history that started back in the thirties as a motorcycle that only has the essential elements, leaving a stripped back frame. The British manufacturer launched their take on this classic style in 2016 with great success. Compared to the standard Bobber model, a Triumph Bobber Black custom will have higher specs, particularly on the technology aspect.

Custom Triumph Bobber Black

Powerful performance and imposing design

This motorcycle is part of the modern classic series of the British brand, as the rest of the models, the Bobber Black has a perfect balance between the latest technology and the classic Bobber character reinvented for these times. The latest model has a 1200cc parallel twin engine, improved to be more efficient and sustainable. This model also has a single low seat, high and wide handlebars, small front fender, spoked wheels, LED lights, and traction control.

Aptly named, this Bobber goes for an all-black ensemble including all black-out elements, this results in an imposing motorcycle with a surprisingly simple, yet elegant design. The minimalist approach to its design will make any modification on a Triumph Bobber Black custom really stand out. A well-made customization will certainly have an exclusive and personal design but will manage to not completely overshadow the original classic motorcycle. That is why not two Triumph Bobber Black custom are the same.

Tamarit’s custom Bobber Black

A personal and exclusive design

Even if this motorcycle has a very recognizable look, its versatility, minimalist approach to its elements, and clean lines give freedom so a custom Bobber Black can go wherever it wants to go.

A customization of this motorcycle starts like any other, with an idea. Our team of designers works hand in hand with each client to bring that idea to life in one final design. So far, we have been able to work on over one hundred customization projects and have yet to see two motorcycles alike.

We believe in specialization, so we only work with the modern classic models of the British brand, far from limiting us, this has allowed us to perfectly understand these motorcycles with a Bonneville engine and all their potential. With this, our team has also been able to develop custom parts and accessories for these motorcycles.