Brat motorcycle for sale

A Brat motorcycle for sale is usually a model with a stripped back look, a light urban motorcycle similar to the cafe racer, but shorter and more aggressive. To better understand this concept is best to go back to the beginning. The origin of this style takes us to 1998 Japan, where Go Takamine opened his customization shop and named it Brat Style. His customizations mixed the cafe racer and the bobber style into a light minimalist motorcycle and his creations became popular in the rest of the world.

Brat motorcycle for sale: Personality and simplicity

These motorcycles have a simple and very recognizable look, they focus on comfort and performance, and tend to be light medium cylinder capacity models. The dual seat, or single lowered seat, paired with the high handlebar prioritizes comfort over aerodynamics. Brat style motorcycles are stripped back of all unnecessary elements and have a minimalist design, although they are imposing and eye-catching motorcycles. Even If there are no set rules when it comes to a custom Brat motorcycle for sale, most models have a low flat seat, high handlebars that are never clip-on, low suspension, same size wide tires, small headlights, and spoked wheels.

When looking for a used Brat motorcycle for sale some things to consider are the miles and when the next service is due; the overall condition, even if it looks perfect in pictures a thorough inspection is always a good idea; and the location and transportation fees. The price of a Brat motorcycle for sale always depends on the chosen color scheme, design, modifications, and the accessories.

Customizing a Brat style motorcycle for sale

All about exclusive style

This style has transformed over the years, it takes inspiration from other classic styles without losing its own essence and it leaves room for originality, which makes it a perfect style for a customization. We specialize in motorcycles of the Modern Classic series, models with a Bonneville engine. Over the years, we have worked on over one hundred customization projects, and most of our custom Brat motorcycles for sale are made with a Bonneville model as a base. Our team works closely with each client on every design to create something unique and personal without losing the original character of the style. With each project we create new exclusive parts and accessories to customize all the models of the modern classic into this simple and imposing style.


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