Scrambler build

When customizing a motorcycle into a classic and very recognizable style, there are some main characteristics to take into account. A Scrambler build is usually a light motorcycle, easily recognizable for the parts and style.

The first thing to do when customizing a Scrambler build is defining what you want, whether you are prioritizing looks, performance, or both. The next step is choosing the right base motorcycle, this is important to define the rest of the customization. There are a few options: there is the classic Scrambler 900 or the updated Scrambler XC and Scrambler XE. All motorcycles are valid, but the modifications, parts, and the amount of work to do is decided by the base motorcycle.

Characteristics of a Scrambler build

Great specifications

One direction has been decided and the motorcycle chosen, we have to know the main characteristics of a Scrambler build:

The tires of a Scrambler tend to be knobby or mixed to perform correctly on all surfaces, even if there are bumps or jumps on an uneven road.

Scramblers usually have higher suspension travel than other models to create more ground clearance.

The exhaust is a signature part of a Scrambler build. They are mostly placed on the upper side of the motorcycle.

As you can imagine, maneuverability is high on the list of priorities for any motorcycle and is more important and crucial while driving on difficult roads. On a Scrambler build a wide handlebar is the most commonly used.

The seats on these motorcycles are usually very simple and plain, the priority tends to be comfortability, so it should not be too thin.

Scrambler build

Custom bikes

We have worked with all modern classic models of the British brand, Triumph bikes, and we have been able to customize more than a dozen scramblers.

Triumph Motorcycle Builders

A Scrambler build starts like any other customization, with an idea. We are constantly redefining styles and designing multiple sketches to create the perfect customization for each project. We have also developed several parts to complete a specific vision for a scrambler. We have a great team of professionals that work to create something original and exciting.

Even if it may look like one, this is not a rule book, there is nothing set in stone while customizing a motorcycle. A Scrambler build usually has these characteristics, but they can be mixed with something new to create a personal and original motorcycle.


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