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The Tamarit motorcycle number 70

Premium aesthetics on the legendary Bonneville


Quarentine has been built with great attention to aesthetic details to achieve a premium finish within the neoclassic motorcycles.

Custom seat in burgundy color, just like the Porsche 911


The seat shares upholstery with some of the most emblematic Porsche models and has been adapted to fit with the current neoclassical aesthetics.

The bike number 70 has been equipped with a bigger front wheel that enhances the new neoclassical aesthetics of the Tamarit motorcycles, to which is added a seat made for the occasion with an upholstery that shares color with some of the upholstery of the Porsche 911.

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I want a Tamarit bike project.

Redesign of electronics from scratch, carburation and technology


One of the processes to be mentioned in Quarentine is the emptying of all the original technology, for which a small box has been developed where everything is kept under the seat.

Fabrication of a new chassis and polishing of the tank

For the project of the bike 70, the tank has been brushed and a new custom chassis has been developed to fit the seat, which has provided the bike with a new style.

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Quarentine details

I want a Tamarit bike project.

I want a Tamarit bike

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