Triumph Bonneville side bag

All you need to know about the Triumph Bonneville side bag:

The Triumph Bonneville side bag is one of the many kinds of bags available on the market for the motorcycles. It is a very useful alternative to the more traditional rear case. Made with resistant materials, it will last for many years and will come in handy on the short everyday trips. The Bonneville is an iconic model of the British brand and even after many years on the market it is still very popular today. Its classic style and versatility makes it very easy to modify and personalize with different accessories. You can browse our customized Bonneville models to see how the side bags look on different styles.

Features of the Triumph Bonneville side bag:

Made specifically for the Bonneville models, the installation of the Bonneville side bag is very easy because the designs considers the placement of all the parts of the motorcycle, so the side bag is not on the way. The Triumph Bonneville side cover bag is made with high quality leather and there are different sizes and capacities for the storage needs of each driver. If you see a model you like, go to the more detailed information page to see the exact dimensions, the capacity, the colors, and a list of compatible motorcycles.


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