Triumph Bonneville fender eliminator

The Triumph Bonneville fender eliminator kit is handcrafted with high-quality materials and the latest technology to ensure it last for many years while still being useful and stylish. The Bonneville is one of the most popular models of the Modern classics, with a long history and a characteristic look. With the Triumph Bonneville rear fender eliminator, changing the rear parts of this motorcycle may be a good way to change the classic look.

Bonneville rear fender eliminator

The Triumph Bonneville fender eliminator replaces the big and long rear fender in order to feature a smaller one and esthetically achieve a more sporty and minimalist look. The fender eliminator kit is a metallic piece that functions as short fender and as bracket for the plate and turning signals. It also includes a reflector and the rear LED light with the brake and tail function. The fender eliminator electric pre-installation makes this part ready to plug it in motorcycle right away.

Triumph Bonneville Fender eliminator kit

The Triumph Bonneville fender eliminator kit is a part that allows you to suppress the rear fender, creating a more sports and minimalistic look, it also doubles as a hold for the plate number and the turning signals.

The Triumph Bonneville tail tidy is compatible with all Bonneville models and are designed following our plug and play technology, which makes them very easy to install. It is as simple as removing the old stock rear fender and replacing it with the new Bonneville fender eliminator kit.

As mentioned, the fender eliminator kit includes the plate holder where you can place the original turning signals, the LED rear light as well as the pre-installation of the rear light with the new, improved and regulated rectangular reflector.

Bonneville tail tidy

The Triumph Bonneville tail tidy design has been improved and is very easy to set, you just have to remove the original rear fender and place the Bonneville tail tidy using the same anchor points as the default parts, without any added difficulty.

As mentioned, the Triumph Bonneville tail tidy is delivered ready to place it on the motorcycle, is very easy to set by the owner so it won’t take long to install it.

Shipping of Bonneville tail tidy

We know that when you buy online you want your order to arrive as fast as possible.

All of our delivery times vary, there are some products that are delivered in 72 hours to any part of the world, and there are other products that require a special paint work or another type of personalization process, this is when the delivery takes a maximum of 15 days. In the case of the Bonneville tail tidy, the delivery process should be one of the fast ones.

Bonneville fender eliminator: warranty and return policy

The goal of our team is to offer the highest quality accessories and parts for your motorcycle. Besides this, all our products have a two-year warranty.

If you are not happy with your purchase or you simply changed your mind, you can always return the product, providing it has not been damaged, in the next 30 days. If the Triumph Bonneville rear fender eliminator has been damaged during the shipping process, keep all the boxes and receipts, and contact us immediately.

Contact our team or go to the FAQ if you have any question about the shipping, the warranty, or the return policy, we are happy to help!

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