All you need to know about the T100 fenders

Made with very resistant materials and handcrafted by the best professionals, the Triumph Bonneville t100 fenders are the perfect upgrade for this motorcycle. As one of the most popular models of the modern classics, the t100 has many adepts. This motorcycle is very versatile and can be modified into several styles to fit each driver’s preference. You can browse our customized Bonnies to see how the fenders look on every model and style.

Features of the T100 mudguard

The Bonneville t100 fenders are made using fiberglass, a very durable material. All the models available on the web can be personalized with different colors or can be left unpainted with the fiberglass visible. On each product description you will find the available colors, other compatible motorcycles, the exact measurements, and the full description.

Plug and play

The plug and play design of the fenders includes the same anchor points as the original part made for this specific motorcycle model. This makes them very easy to install, using some basic tools and in a few minutes, they will be placed. If you have questions about the compatibility of this product with your motorcycle or about the installation, there is a form on each fender’s description that you can use to ask our team.

Contact our team

Besides the forms that you can use to ask our team questions related to the product, you also have he contact section on the web. There you will find our support center, our social media, and a WhatsApp number to contact us through that app. For more information about the way we work, you can also go to the FAQ.

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