All you need to know about the Triumph T120 exhaust pipes

Made with resistant and high-quality materials the Triumph T120 exhaust pipes have bold designs that go hand in hand with the characteristics of this model. This modern classic unites tradition with the performance of new generation bikes. The versatility of this model allows every driver to personalize it into many different styles.

Features of the Triumph Bonneville T120 custom exhaust

The Triumph T120 exhaust pipes are handcrafted by the best professionals using stainless steel, a very durable and low maintenance material. For the installation of the exhausts is necessary to have mechanics knowledge, so we recommend going to a professional to guarantee a correct placement. To see the full description of each Triumph T120 aftermarket exhaust, go to the detailed information page to find the exact measures, the complete installation instructions, and other compatible motorcycle models. 


Our team ships parts and accessories every day, so modern classics enthusiasts do not have to wait too long for their new Triumph T120 exhaust to arrive. We ship all the products available on the web internationally in 72 hours. If the client orders a personalized product the shipping takes a bit longer, a maximum of 15 days, considering it has to undergo a different process. We pack every product safely, to avoid any problem during the shipping process. If you want to know about the warranty or the return policy, go to the FAQ. If you want more information about the Triumph Bonneville T120 exhaust, go to the contact section on the web.

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