All about the Triumph Bonneville T120 headlight grill

The design of the Triumph t120 headlight grill is functional and elegant, ensuring a clear view even on roads with complicated climate conditions. The headlights are made by de best professionals using high quality materials and the latest technology. For the Triumph enthusiasts, the Bonneville is one of the most popular motorcycles. With a history of more than fifty years, this modern classic has stayed relevant even today. Even more, the T120 is also one of the most popular models on our shop. To start modifying this traditional motorcycle, replacing the old stock headlight for the Triumph t120 headlight grill is a great idea. You can browse our finished projects with the Bonnie to see how the headlights look with different styles.

Features of the Triumph Bonneville t120 headlight grill  

The headlight grill is a bit smaller than the original ones to be compatible with a personalized fairing or speedometer. Go to each product description to know about the color and power of the light, the measurements, and more. To install the t120 headlight grill, you need to know something about electronics and mechanics, this is because you will have to relocate de electric regulator and correctly place the rest of the elements. If you do not have these notions, we recommend you go to a professional garage to have the headlights placed, this way you can be sure they work when you need them.


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