All about the Triumph Scrambler fender

The Triumph Scrambler fender is handcrafted with high-quality materials by the best professionals. The Scrambler is one of the most off-road oriented motorcycles of the series of modern classics made by Triumph. Replacing the old stock rear fenders with these new ones will give you a great performance on any road.

Features of the Scrambler mudguard

Every model of the Triumph Scrambler fender has its own measures that can be between 30 to 60cm, to better suit the style of each motorcycle, the personal preference of each driver, and guarantee protection on and off-road. To personalize the rear fender even more, you can also select the color between the ones available on the description or leave it unpainted so you can personalize it at home. Compatible with all the Scrambler models, this rear mudguard is very easy to install because we follow the Plug and Play idea on the design. They are made with fiberglass, a very resistant material that adds almost no weight to the motorcycle.

Plug and play

We focus our attention to some specific models of the British brand, that is why we consider ourselves experts of the modern classics. Because of this, all the parts and accessories we create are easily placed without the need of an instruction manual. This is because we made them with the same anchors as the original parts made by Triumph. This is what we call Plug and Play, to be able to install the product by simply removing the old one and placing the new one, without mechanics or experts. Even if the installation is simple, every Triumph Scrambler short fender on the web has a description with the steps to follow for a correct installation as well as the materials needed for the process. You can also contact our team to ask more specific questions.

Warranty and return policy

We work hard to create and offer motorcycle accessories and parts of the highest quality. In addition to this, all of them have a warranty of two years. Sometimes something goes wrong or the product is not the best fit for the client, in this case there is a 30-day return policy. If you want to know more about this policy, contact our team and we will answer all your questions. If you have questions about our products, the shipping process, or the customization projects, go to the contact section on the web.