All about the Triumph Street Scrambler headlight

The Triumph Street Scrambler headlight is created using the latest technology and high-quality materials, with a simple and functional design to improve the visibility of your motorcycle even on the most complicated roads. The Street Scrambler is a modern classic with an undeniable off-road attitude and an amazing performance. Upgrading the headlights of this motorcycle will improve visibility even on the most complicated weather conditions and roads, while also personalizing the style. For inspiration on modifying your motorcycle, browse the projects we have done using the Street Scrambler and these headlights.

Features of the Triumph Street Scrambler headlights

The headlights are made with powerful lights with a resistant a cover that will protect them against any small object on the road. They are slightly smaller than the original stock ones, perfect for a customized speedometer or similar setting. We always try to make the installation process as easy as possible, this way you can change the stock headlight for the Triumph Street Scrambler headlight without any problems. However, to place these headlights you will have to relocate the electric regulator, which can make the process a bit more difficult. We recommend that someone with mechanics and electronics knowledge handles the installation or going to a professional garage to make sure everything works as it should. On the more detailed description page of each headlight you will find more information about the installation process, the tools needed, the exact measures, the compatible motorcycles, and a form to ask our team any question you may have about the products.


In Tamarit the delivery times are different depending on the motorcycle part and the level of customization the client wants. A part or an accessory is shipped in 72 hours to any part of the world. When there is a personalization process involved, like painting a part, the delivery takes up to 15 days. In either case the packaging is completely secured to protect your order for the whole trip. If you have more questions about the headlights or the shipping process, go to the contact section and ask our team for more information.

How to contact our team

For any questions about the products you can go to the FAQ or to the contact section on our web. There, you have a phone number, a WhatsApp number to contact through text, and the Parts and Accessories support box with more information.