Street Twin fender eliminator

The Street Twin fender eliminator is handcrafted using a very resistant material which guarantees a long life and protection on any type of road. The Street Twin has a very versatile style, adding this fender eliminator kit can completely change the style of this motorcycle, creating something new and unique. Browse the projects we have made with this motorcycle to see how the rear modification with the Street Twin fender eliminator looks.

Triumph Street Twin fender eliminator

The Triumph Street Twin fender eliminator replaces the big and long rear fender in order to feature a smaller one and esthetically achieve a sportier and more minimalist look. The fender eliminator kit is a metallic piece that functions as short fender and as bracket for the plate and turning signals. It also includes a reflector and the rear LED light with the brake and tail function. The fender eliminator electric pre-installation makes this part ready to plug it in motorcycle right away.

Triumph Street Twin Fender eliminator kit

The Triumph Street Twin fender eliminator kit is a part that allows you to suppress the rear fender, creating a more sports and minimalistic look, it also doubles as a hold for the plate number and the turning signals. The fender eliminator Street Twin is compatible with all the models of the Street Twin and the design follows our plug and play technology, which makes them very easy to install. It is as easy as removing the stock rear fender and replacing it with the new Street Twin fender eliminator. As mentioned, the Street Twin fender eliminator kit includes the plate holder where you can place the original turning signals, the LED rear light as well as the pre-installation of the rear light with the new, improved and regulated rectangular reflector.

Triumph Street Twin tail tidy

The tail tidy Street Twin is made of 3 mm iron and eliminates the rear fender while also holding the turning signals and the number plate. This kit is very resistant that gives the rear part of the motorcycle a more minimalistic look. To see the step by step tail tidy Triumph Street Twin installation instructions, go to each product description. There, you will also find the tools you will need and a form to ask any question you may have about the placement on your motorcycle to our team.

Shipping of Triumph Street Twin tail tidy

We ship our motorcycle parts and accessories all over the world. We make sure the most fragile products are carefully packaged so they can endure the trip without any incidents, this way you can install your new Street Twin fender eliminator on your motorcycle and enjoy them in no time. Once the order is placed, the shipping from our warehouse to its destination takes 72 hours. If the part has to be modified or painted, the delivery takes 15 days to respect the whole painting process. If you have any questions about the shipping times or the warranty policy go to the FAQ or ask our team.

Scrambler fender eliminator: Contact our team

For more information about the installation of the Triumph Street Twin fender eliminator, you can go to the contact section and select, either the WhatsApp box to contact us through that app, or click on the parts and accessories support, where you will find specific directions on how to install the tail tidy Triumph Street Twin and a space to ask all your questions to our team.

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