All about the Thruxton R turn signals

The Triumph Thruxton R turn signals have an elegant design compatible with this imposing modern classic. Made by the best professionals using the latest technology, these turn signals are a perfect companion for this model of the British brand. This motorcycle was presented in 2016 with improvements in its performance and a style that does not get left behind. A sports motorcycle all around that goes very well with the more minimalistic look of these turn signals.

Features of the Thruxton 1200 R indicators 

A lot of people think that the stock turning signals are bulky, that is why the Thruxton 1200 R led turn signals are a bit smaller, which creates a more sports look, without losing power on the lights. The lights are covered by a very durable material that protects them from any accidental bump they can get on the road. All our parts and accessories follow the plug and play technology, which means that they are very easy to install without the need of a conventional instruction manual because they are made specifically for the modern classics of Triumph, like the T120. However, we recommend that the items with electronics components are installed by professionals that can guarantee a correct placement, so they work perfectly on the road.


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