About the Triumph Thruxton mirrors

Find the best Triumph Thruxton mirrors for your motorcycle, made with high quality materials and with a classical design, these mirrors are the perfect fit for any style, whether is urban or more off road. The Thruxton is one of the modern classics of the English brand with most personality and history. The innovation it has gone through during its history has made it a very versatile motorcycle to upgrade and add accessories.  Feel free to browse our finished customization projects with this model for some inspiration and to see how the mirrors look on every style.

Features of the Thruxton mirrors

The Thruxton mirrors are made of anodized silver or black aluminum, they are shaped in a round or Polygonal for different looks and preferences. There is also the option of the mirrors with turning signals incorporated and the always trusted grip mirror. The mirrors are universal, meaning that they are compatible with every motorcycle model. Besides, the installation is very easy, they can be installed at home with some basic tools an in only a few minutes. It is important to choose the mirrors carefully, they are a key part for our safety while driving. Besides the style, they also have to be stable on the road for a comfortable and safe drive. 


The waiting is perhaps one of the worst things about online shopping. We work hard every day to ensure every package reach its destination as fast as possible. The delivery time goes from 72 ours to 15 days depending on the product. If the part or accessory has to undergo a personalization process the shipping time is a bit longer. In the case of the Triumph Thruxton mirrors, the waiting should not be long. To know more about these products, go to the description of the item or contact our team. We are happy to answer all of your questions.