Custom Triumph Bobber

A bobber is a style known to be minimalistic, it strips out all non-essential accessories keeping the basics and leaving a light and fast motorcycle. A custom triumph bobber is easily recognizable by the classic style, the lower seat and short rear fender among other signature characteristics.

Custom Bobber: A bit of history

Originating in the middle of the last century, the custom Triumph Bobber have become one of the most popular styles in world motorcycling. That is why we tell you about the origins of custom Triumph Bobber motorcycles, as well as their main characteristics.

Although its beginnings date back to the 1940s, the modification of this type of motorcycles dates back to the 1920s, when the transformations were focused on racing models, a style that evolved into what we know today as Bobber.

As for the main elements that represent them, it should be noted that they are the most common, but not mandatory.

The most evident characteristic is the diagonal line in its structure. Due to the low seat height, the fuel tank and the high handlebars, they create a very clear ascending line.

Custom Bobber motorcycle: Its distinctive features

Since its beginnings, it has been customary to eliminate all non-essential parts in order to make it lighter and gain speed. Motorcycles in the 40's and 50's were much heavier.

The seat is single seat, triangular and the fuel tank is usually of small capacity and with an upward shape. The tires are splayed, wide and of the same diameter. While the exhaust pipes are usually open and trimmed.

Custom Triumph Bobber: Custom style

Taking off all the non-essential parts of the motorcycle is only the first step to get a Triumph Bobber custom.

Some bobbers don’t have fenders at all, others remove only the front fender leaving a short rear one. If both are present in the motorcycle, they are usually very short.

One of the first things that catches the eye while looking at these motorcycles is the lower seat; it is usually a single seat, and its location forces a straight position while driving.

The Handlebar of these motorcycles are higher than in other styles and it is another factor that influences the riding position.

The main thing about the fuel tank of these motorcycles is the characteristic peanut shape they have.

The wheels on the custom Triumph Bobber are more separated from each other than in other motorcycles. This, added to the high handlebar, gives the motorcycle a more triangular shape.

The paint on the bobber triumph custom follow the minimalist style, simple matte colors and designs seem to be the norm.

Triumph Bonneville Bobber custom: Becoming popular

The style of the custom Triumph Bobber became popular on the race scene thanks to the speed factor, having a lighter more agile motorcycle was a great advantage. The big names in the motorcycle world, like Triumph bikes, did not take long to start creating their own bobber motorcycles, so it was no longer necessary to modify the frame of a motorcycle to customize them.

These days there are all kinds of accessories and parts to personalize a motorcycle into a bobber style. The definition of a custom Triumph Bobber has changed over the years with new technology and trends, but this classic style still keeps the essence of the first bobbers.

The custom Triumph Bobber style has been around for a while now and its definition seems to have changed a bit with time. The main characteristics of the motorcycle are still there, but there is still a lot of room for creativity on a customization.

Bobber Triumph custom: A dream

We were, and still are, extremely excited to welcome Valquiria to our Tamarit family. We have worked with all the modern classic models of the British brand. Our latest project, a custom Bobber motorcycle named Valquiria, allowed us to further understand this style and to create new parts and accessories to personalize any motorcycle into the triumph bobber custom style.

It is always a pleasure to include a new motorcycle in our catalog. Our work with Valquiria was especially interesting because, even if it was our 80th project, it was the first customization project with a Bonneville bobber custom. We were able to design and create new parts for this and any future custom Bobber.

Custom aspects

As more custom Triumph Bobber aspects of Valquiria we find its new cowl made exclusively for this project. Part that is already available in our parts catalog.

We also find more custom elements such as its sump guards and front fender. The bike Tamarit number 80 has undergone a redesign of the rear thanks to the addition of a new rear fender, an eliminator kit and chain covers. It is a kit that has modified the original design of the bike, while enhancing the current classic style of this category of motorcycles.

Custom Triumph Bobber: Why Tamarit?

At Tamarit Motorcycles we make your dream bike come true. Whatever your tastes and preferences are, Tamarit offers you a motorcycle entirely adapted to you, from its style and design to its performance.

With years of experience and the desire to continue creating unique motorcycles in the world, Tamarit invites you to be part of our project and our family of passionate bikers.


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