Triumph Bonneville SE

The Triumph Bonneville SE is a classic motorcycle presented in June of 2008 as a Special Edition of the T100 model. With a timeless look, modern technology, a light frame and great performance, this motorcycle is minimalism and style.

The Bonneville is a model with a long history that goes back more than half a century and has remained relevant by adapting to the latest technology and being faithful to the classic styling all motorcycle enthusiasts have come to associate with the Bonneville.

With a light frame and simplicity, this model of the British brand offers a great respire of the most robust and complex models of the market.

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Bonneville SE


The Triumph Bonneville SE has tradition and elegant classic style, but also a great performance. This motorcycle has an 865cc parallel twin engine and a fuel capacity of 4.2 gals. Enough power to offer a smooth ride while following the emission restrictions.

Some of the updates of this model includes the fenders, the electric ignition, the 17-inch alloy wheels, and a 41mm Kayaba fork in the front suspension with Kayaba twin shocks at the rear. This motorcycle has a wet weight of 495 lbs., a height of 44.5 inches, and a length of 83.2 in. 

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Triumph Bonneville SE style

Classic style

The simple and elegant silhouette of the Bonneville has not changed too much over the years. The Triumph Bonneville SE has a classic style, heavily based on the 70s, coincidentally the years many consider to be the best of the British brand, and is available in two tones of pacific blue, jet black, and white among several others. The flat dual seat has been lowered a few inches and the handlebar is closer to the rider giving a more comfortable and straighter riding position.

Bonneville SE for sale

At your fingertips

Even though this motorcycle has a very classic look, this model is also very versatile, perfect for a customization. With the latest technology and original design, the motorcycle can adopt any other style.

To achieve the exact design we want on a customization project we sometimes cannot find the parts we need, on these occasions we set to work with a professional team in developing and handcrafting what we need. For the Bonneville SE for sale we have created seats, headlights, exhausts, and many other accessories. With every project our catalog of custom parts grows.


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