2005 Triumph Bonneville

The 2005 Triumph Bonneville is an emblematic model in the motorcycle industry, with a long history that started in the latest half of the 50s, this motorcycle is known for its characteristic classic style that is perfectly incorporated with the latest technology.

The Bonneville is the perfect motorcycle for lovers of all things retro and those who wish to submerge themselves in the past, at least for a little while, with the comforts of modern times.

Never leaving its heritage and style behind, the Triumph Bonneville always finds the way to incorporate new technology in the most ingenious ways. The Triumph Bonneville 2005 models are no different, we’ve highlighted the updates of the most popular motorcycles of that year.

Triumph Bonneville years

Triumph Bonneville 2005

Impressive efficiency

This Triumph Bonneville from 2005 is an ode to the first motorcycles with their classic 60s style added to an excellent performance. The 790cc engine of this motorcycle is capable of high road speed and has an impressive efficiency.

The 2005 Triumph Bonneville is available in the classic black and white colors and adds Aluminum Silver to their catalog, a bit more daring look that goes hand in hand with the chrome and silver elements of the motorcycle

triumph bonneville t120

2005 Triumph Bonneville: Bonneville T100

The T100 has to be the model we see more often in our shop; with its incredible performance and classic style it makes for a popular motorcycle. This model has an 865cc parallel twin engine and engine covers heavily inspired by the original of the 50s.

The Triumph Bonneville 2005 displays an original and elegant design on the fuel tank available in two-tone color combination orange/white and black/white, with elements in black or chrome to complete the look.

2005 Triumph Bonneville: Customizing your bike

The Bonneville is a very versatile motorcycle, so it is not very complicated to transform it into another classic style or into a more original design.

We have been able to work on over 100 customization projects so far and not two of them are alike. Our incredible team of mechanics and developers work alongside our clients to capture the exact design they have in mind and make it a reality. In some cases, this entails the creation of new parts to better fit the project. Over the years our catalog of accessories and parts for this specific model has grown, so now it’s easier to further personalize all Triumph Bonneville models from 2005.


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