Triumph Bonneville 2014

The Triumph Bonneville 2014 is a classic motorcycle with an excellent performance and a long history. First launched in 1959 by Triumph, this motorcycle was very popular on the 70s and it carries that classic style to this day.

Through the years we’ve seen new updates and improvements on the Bonneville, with new technology and accessories. We’ve highlighted some of the updates of the Triumph Bonneville models from 2014.

Triumph Bonneville years

Triumph Bonneville 2014: Elegance

The 2014 Triumph Bonneville has an air-cooled parallel-twin 865cc engine with a classic style in accordance with the rest of the motorcycle.

This motorcycle has a minimalistic design and is available in silver or black with the classic logo of the British brand on the fuel tank. Another option is available with a dual-tone design on the tank, an elegant combination of Cristal White and Sapphire Blue.

Triumph Bonneville 2014: Bonneville T100

The T100 is a popular model that perfectly combines the classic style of the motorcycles of the 70s with modern comfort and technology. The 865cc parallel twin engine is styled to look like an old-fashioned engine but it has an electronic injection system disguised as carburetors.

The 2014 Bonneville T100 has an innovative design in a color scheme that we are not used to seeing on these motorcycles, but the result is as elegant as other models. With the traditional logo on the fuel tank, the minimalistic design is available in white/gold or black/red, with matching fenders.

triumph bonneville t120

Triumph Bonneville 2014: Bonneville T100 Black

The T100 Black has very similar specs as the previous motorcycle, but a completely different look, even if both fall under the classic category.

This motorcycle has an imposing all black look, parts and accessories like the tires, handlebar, rear shocks, mirrors, seat, and fenders are painted in matt or traditional black. Only a few key elements are in silver like the always present logo of the British brand on the side of the fuel tank.

Triumph Bonneville 2014: Customizing your bike

The Bonneville are very versatile models, their history and tradition translate very well into different classic styles. Customizing a Triumph Bonneville 2014 is adding, removing, and even creating new parts and accessories to completely personalize a motorcycle. There are several other aspects to consider: the final design, color scheme, riding position, and more. A good customization is the one that creates a comfortable and personal motorcycle with great performance, going as far as the imagination allows to create something unique.


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