2020 Triumph Bonneville

First presented in the late 50s, the Bonneville has become an iconic motorcycle. With a great comeback and exceptional updates in the 70s, this model became a pioneer in its time and has only improved with the years, staying relevant through generations. The classic style, power, quality, and the constant technological innovation make the 2020 Triumph Bonneville one of the most prevalent models today and one of the most popular models on our customization projects.

Triumph Bonneville years

2020 Triumph Bonneville: Its year

The year 2020 brought us so many surreal events that it is best to leave them in the past. One of the things that we do like to remember is the incredible new 2020 Triumph Bonneville models the British brand Triumph presented to all modern classics enthusiasts.

2020 Triumph Bonneville: T100 and T120 Bud Ekins edition

The Bonneville T100 and Bonneville T120 are legendary models in the modern classic series, inspired by the 1950s classic Bonneville, these models still carry the elegance and design of the original.

The Triumph Bonneville 2020 editions pay tribute to James Sherwin Ekins, best known as Bud, a professional stuntman and racer. As a stuntman, he was part of great classic films and performed what many consider the best motorcycle stunt ever while acting as a stunt double for Steve McQueen on “The Great Escape.” Bud Ekins also had an incredible career as a motorcycle racer, having participated and won several competitions.

The 2020 Triumph Bonneville special editions have all the capabilities and power we are used to see on these classic models and also incorporate several details to honor Bud Ekins trough their design, like: a “flying globe” logo on the tank and front fender, a personalized Bud Ekins side panel and a color scheme inspired on this legendary rider.

triumph bonneville t120
triumph bonneville t120

2020 Triumph Bonneville: Telling a great story

The Triumph Bonneville 2020 special edition models are a perfect example of how a personalized motorcycle can tell a great story by just looking at it. With the modification of a few key accessories and the creation of new parts a motorcycle can look completely different.

A Bonneville is a versatile motorcycle, with a lot of power on the engine and a classic style is one of the most popular models we see on the customization projects. The 2020 Triumph Bonneville we usually see are infused with history and personality, but somehow manage to leave room so everyone can add their own originality and personal story.


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