2015 Triumph Scrambler

The 2015 Triumph Scrambler is an off-road motorcycle with a style clearly inspired on the models of the sixties which the British manufacturer brought back to the market in 2006. Two years after its launch this classic model entered a new generation with an electronic fuel injection system.

This motorcycle is based on the 1956 model, TR6 Trophy, an iconic model better known for the film “The Great Escape” where Steve McQueen’s stunt double, Bud Ekins, performed one of the most popular motorcycle stunts in cinema history.

The Triumph Scrambler comes with new updates and modifications that reminds us of the classic model while competing with modern motorcycles on the market.

triumph scrambler

The Triumph Scrambler of 2015: On any terrain

The 2015 Triumph Scrambler combines the heritage of the 1956 model with all the comforts of modern technology. With this combination of old and new there is no question why this motorcycle is part of the modern classic series of the British manufacturer. This model has an 865cc parallel twin, air-cooled engine and a higher position compared to other motorcycles of the series.

Besides an incredible performance, the 2015 Triumph Scrambler also has wide handlebars, flat seat, high-level stainless-steel exhausts, and a retro look evocative of that first model of the British brand. This motorcycle is available in the classic Jet Black Matt Pacific Blue, or in a two-tone design with a Diablo Red and Lunar Silver color combination. Keeping it simple, the 2015 Triumph Scrambler does not add excessive or unnecessary elements, maintaining the simple silhouette common of the scramblers.

The dimensions of the 2015 Triumph Scrambler haven’t changed much from previous models with a dry weight of 471.8 lbs., an adjustable seat height of 32.5 in. at the lowest setting, and an overall height of 47.3 in.

triumph scrambler

Customizing the Triumph Scrambler model of 2015: A unique design

This modern classic has a characteristic look that reflects its long history and checks all the boxes of what a Scrambler should be. This Triumph model has simple lines that makes it a perfect base motorcycle to customize into any style.

Our designers work closely with the client to create a unique and personal final draft that our team will follow for the customization. We specialize in the modern classic models of the British manufacturer, which allows us to create the perfect custom parts and accessories for the Scrambler and the rest of the classic motorcycles.


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