triumph street scrambler

Triumph Street Scrambler mods

Some Triumph Street Scrambler mods will give this off-road motorcycle a more personalized look. This model is a part of the modern classic series manufactured by Triumph. First launched in 2006, this motorcycle has been through several updates and modifications to compete with similar models in the market. As part of the modern classic series, the Street Scrambler knows how to combine old and new, with a style inspired by motorcycles of the 60s and a performance aided by the latest technology.

Even though this motorcycle has a characteristic style and all the comforts 21st century technology can offer; people have always enjoyed modifying their motorcycles to make them more personal. These are some Triumph Street Scrambler mods ideas.

triumph street scrambler

Street Scrambler modifications: Personality and performance

Besides a very recognizable silhouette, the Triumph Street Scrambler also has an incredible performance given by the 900cc liquid-cooled parallel twin engine, paired with an easy handling that allows it to smoothly ride on any road. This motorcycle has an average weight of 492 lbs., but it looks like a lighter model thanks to its minimalistic design. The latest model of this motorcycle has an overall height of 46.5 in., and a dual low seat of 31.1 in., accessible to most riders.


Off-road motorcycles often have higher suspension travel than other models to create more ground clearance. As an off-road motorcycle, the Street Scrambler has Cartridge front forks and adjustable twin rear shocks. The suspension is definitely an important feature to modify if the Street Scrambler is going to ride on difficult roads.


The high exhaust is a staple of the Scrambler motorcycles, and the exhaust are also the most common Triumph Street Scrambler mods. The current motorcycle market has exhausts of all kinds in any style.

The possibilities are endless, and the modifications can go as far as the imagination of each rider takes them. Some other Triumph Street Scrambler mods to consider are knobby or mixed tires, a tail tidy, the seat, handlebars, as well as accessories like headlight grills and gadgets to make riding easier on any road.

Street Scrambler mods

Custom design

We have been able to work on over 100 customization projects so far, and with each of them, our team develops custom parts to create personal Triumph Street Scrambler mods. With each customization project our catalog of custom parts for the Street Scrambler grows.


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