Triumph Street Twin 2016

Described as the entryway to the Bonneville world, the Triumph Street Twin 2016 is one of the most popular modern classics manufactured by the British brand. This model is also one of the most affordable of the bunch, but this does not mean that it is lacking in style or performance. With the classic style of the 60s that characterizes all the motorcycles of the series, the Street Twin combines its heritage with the comforts of modern technology.

triumph street twin

2016 Triumph Street Twin price: An affordable classic

The Triumph Street Twin 2016 has a retro look and an excellent performance, this model also has a liquid-cooled 900cc parallel twin engine, Nissin brakes, telescopic front suspension, and dual rear shocks. The simple and elegant design of this motorcycle is available in Jet, Phantom, or Matt Black; or a dual-tone design in Cranberry Red and Aluminum Silver.

Triumph Street Twin Specs

At the time of its launch, this motorcycle was approximately $8,950. Today, the price of this motorcycle has changed and can vary depending on many varied factors. A used model is around $5800 to $7000 approx. Some things to consider while looking for a used model and the best 2016 Triumph Street Twin price are the miles, overall condition, location, and the final purpose. If the whole reason to find a used motorcycle is to customize it, the value has to be in the performance and overall condition and not the looks as many of the elements will be modified later. Besides having an impressive performance, this motorcycle is very versatile, the 2016 Triumph Street Twin price will rise if it has been modified and has many extra elements and accessories.

Customizing a Street Twin 2016 : A more personal motorcycle

The Triumph Street Twin 2016 is a light and powerful motorcycle with a classic and minimalist design. The most affordable of the modern classics is a great base motorcycle to customize. The simple lines of this model allow our professional team to collaborate and create an original design with each client. With every customization project, our team of designers and mechanics develop custom parts and accessories to better follow that exclusive design. Thanks to this process, our catalog of custom plug and play parts for the Street Twin and the rest of the modern classic models continues to grow, making it even easier to personalize these motorcycles into any classic style. With over one hundred customizations through the years, we have yet to see two motorcycles alike.


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