Triumph Street Twin 2017

The Triumph Street Twin 2017 is an accessible motorcycle manufactured by Triumph as part of their modern classic series. Based on the iconic Bonneville models, this motorcycle also reflects its long history in its classic style while also offering all the comforts of modern technology.

First presented to the world in 2016, this model became a fast favorite among the enthusiasts of the British brand, part of its popularity can be attributed to the fact that it is the most affordable one and it still does not lose its excellent capabilities and style.

triumph street twin

The Street Twin 2017: Classic and capable

A year after its launch this motorcycle was already a success, the fun and classic design paired with an impeccable performance made it an accessible motorcycle for all riders, experienced and beginners alike. Without any major changes from the previous model, some of the specs of the Triumph Street Twin 2017 are the 900cc liquid-cooled parallel twin engine, Kayaba forks, twin rear shocks, long vinyl seat, Nissin brakes, ABS, and traction control. As for the dimensions, the Triumph Street Twin 2017 has a dry weight of 437 lbs., an overall height of 43.9 in., and a lower seat than other modern classics at 29.5 in.

The style of the 2017 Triumph Street Twin

The Triumph Street Twin 2017 has been described as a standard motorcycle, but the influence of classic styles is clear in its design, this motorcycle has a minimalist approach and its stripped-down form unnecessary elements, it has a low seat and a comfortable riding position, although not very aerodynamic. The Triumph Street Twin 2017 has a simple and elegant design available in Jet Black, Matt Black, Phantom Black, Cranberry Red, and Aluminium Silver, with the rest of the elements in black and chrome to match these colors.

Another main characteristic of this motorcycle is its versatility, and since the beginning it has been presented as the ideal motorcycle to personalize, the minimal accessories and the simple silhouette does make it a perfect motorcycle to customize.

On each of our customization projects we make sure to create a unique design that respects the classic style of this motorcycle while also reflecting the personality of each client. With over one hundred customizations made on the modern classic models, we have not seen two motorcycles alike, the unique design always shines through to tell a personal story.


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