2005 Triumph Thruxton

The 2005 Triumph Thruxton is a classic motorcycle with an incredible performance manufactured by Triumph bikes. The British brand launched this model in 2004 and decided to name it after the 1969 race circuit where the company won the three first positions of the competition in 1969, the Thruxton 500. With a history of success, this model is still a popular classic model today.

This model underwent major modifications in 2016 to update the performance and technology to keep up with the always growing market and the new regulations on emissions. The first generation of Thruxton, from 2004 to 2016, did not become obsolete, they have a characteristic classic style inspired on the motorcycles of the 60s combined with a great performance and modern technology. These are the main traits of the Triumph Thruxton 2005.

triumph thruxton

Triumph Thruxton 2005

Thruxton 900

After only a year from its launch, the 2005 Thruxton has very similar specs to the previous model. This motorcycle has a classic Cafe Racer style that reminds us of motorcycles of yesterday with a modern performance given by an 865cc air-cooled parallel twin engine.

The Triumph Thruxton 2005 has a dry weight of 451 lbs., an overall length of 84.6 in., and a seat height of 31.1 in. The 2005 Triumph Thruxton goes for a simple monochromatic design available in black, yellow, blue, and silver, with a stripe that goes from the top of the fuel tank to the rear fairing.

thruxton 1200

Thruxton 2005

Customizing your bike

The Thruxton 2005 has a very characteristic style and a sport silhouette, but this is not incompatible with a customization. This cafe racer can be transformed into any other classic style or into a completely unique modern design. We have been able to work with many motorcycles over the years, and many of our customization projects used a Thruxton as a base, we have not seen two motorcycles alike. Each time, the Thruxton leaves with a unique and personal design.

Our incredible team of professional mechanics and developers works on each customization project with the client to create exactly what they envision. Many times, they’ve had to create new parts and accessories to follow a unique design, which is how our catalog of custom parts for the Thruxton motorcycles has grown over the years. Now, any model can be modified into a classic style with an easy to place, and remove, handcrafted part.


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