Triumph Thruxton 2010

The Triumph Thruxton 2010 is a classic motorcycle with a sport disposition made by the renowned British manufacturer, Triumph bikes. First presented in 2004, this motorcycle was named after the British brand that won the three first places in a racetrack in Hampshire, the Thruxton 500, in 1969. Over a decade after its launch, the Triumph Thruxton went through some major updates.

From 2004 and 2016 this modern classic motorcycle combined its characteristic classic style with modern technology, these are the main traits and updates of the 2010 Triumph Thruxton models.

triumph thruxton

2010 Triumph Thruxton

Great features

The Thruxton 2010 is very much inspired by the style of the motorcycles of the 60s. This modern version takes notice of those racetrack days and offers not only a sporty look, but also a great performance with an 865cc air-cooled parallel twin engine.

Where many other similar models of the British manufacturer have a dual-tone design, the 2010 Triumph Thruxton went for a monochromatic one in Jet Black or Tornado Red. The simple design has a gold or white band on top of the fuel tank that continues to the end of the rear fairing. The rest of the components of the motorcycle are in black or chrome to match these colors.

The 2010 Thruxton has a seat height of 32.3 in. and low handlebars, which gives the motorcycle a sports riding position. This motorcycle also has a modern electronic fuel injection cleverly disguised as old-fashioned carburetors, one more little nod to the motorcycles of yesterday.

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Thruxton 2010


The 2010 Thruxton has such a classic recognizable style and a sports silhouette, that it is not easy to see how there’s room for a customization with this motorcycle. However, we have been able to work on over 100 customization projects, many with a Thruxton model as a base and we have not seen two motorcycles alike so far.

Our incredible team of developers and mechanics always work closely with each client to understand exactly what kind of transformation they want for their motorcycle. Once the final sketch is agreed on by all parts, the team starts to work on the motorcycle. In most projects it is necessary to develop new parts to create the design we want, so our catalog of custom parts and accessories is always growing. At the end of the day, we want to create a unique, original, and personal motorcycle.


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