2013 Triumph Thruxton

The 2013 Triumph Thruxton is a classic motorcycle with a sports style and a pure cafe racer heart. Born from success, the Triumph Thruxton is named after the Triumph 500, a racetrack in Hampshire, England, where the British brand, Triumph bikes, won the first place back in 1969.

Presented for the first time in 2004, this model took the motorcycle industry by storm and continues to do so. These are the main updates of the Triumph Thruxton 2013.

triumph thruxton

Triumph Thruxton 2013

Neoclassical piece

This neoclassic motorcycle knows how to combine performance and style. The 2013 Thruxton has an 865cc, parallel twin, air-cooled engine, which reminds us of the late 60s motorcycles. The adjustable 41mm telescopic forks and twin rear shocks ensure a smooth handling.

Dimension wise this motorcycle has a wet weight of 507 lbs., an overall length of 84.6 in., and a height of 43.1in.

thruxton 1200

2013 Thruxton

Sports lines

As a cafe racer motorcycle, the aesthetic is incredibly important for the Thruxton 2013. Heavily inspired by the motorcycles of the 60s, this motorcycle has a minimalistic design and sports lines.

The seat of the Triumph Thruxton 2013 has a height of 32.3 in., which paired with low handlebars give that characteristic sports riding position. Other eye-catching elements of this motorcycle are the big headlight, classic mirrors, aluminum spoked wheels, and megaphone exhaust.

This motorcycle is monochromatic in the color department, available in classic red, black, and green with a minimalistic line in the fuel tank and the tail fairing. The silver and chrome elements, like the engine covers, side logo, handlebar, mirror, and shocks, complete the look of this motorcycle.

2013 Triumph Thruxton

Custom parts

With an incredible performance and a very much established Cafe Racer style, at first it doesn’t seem like the 2013 Thruxton leaves a lot of room for transformation. We’ve worked with over 100 motorcycles so far, and every single customization project done with the Thruxton exudes originality and creativity, there are certainly no two motorcycles alike.

Our excellent team works to create exactly what the client has envisioned, most of the time this means that they have to develop new accessories and parts to fit perfectly on the final design. With each customization project our catalog for the Thruxton grows, making it possible to transform these motorcycles into any style, one step at a time.