2015 Triumph Thruxton

The 2015 Triumph Thruxton is a classic styled motorcycle with an excellent performance manufactured by the British brand, Triumph bikes. This motorcycle is named after the Thruxton circuit, a racetrack in Hampshire, England, where Triumph won the first three places on the Thruxton 500 in 1969. In a way, this motorcycle was born from success and to this day continues to be a popular model among classic motorcycles enthusiasts.

triumph thruxton

Triumph Thruxton 2015

Classic tradition

In 2016 the British brand did a big modification of this motorcycle, updating the technology and improving the performance. However, the generation of Thruxton motorcycles of 2004 to 2016 in nothing to scoff at, these motorcycles embrace the tradition of the first motorcycles of the brand and seamlessly introduce the comfort of modern 21st century technology. There are the main characteristics of the 2015 Thruxton.

thruxton 1200

Thruxton 2015

Modern technology

The 2015 Thruxton is a motorcycle that knows how to combine the classic look of the motorcycle from the 60s with modern technology. This motorcycle has an 865cc air-cooled parallel twin engine with and electronic fuel injection camouflaged as old-fashioned carburetors.

The Triumph Thruxton 2015 weights 472 lbs., has an overall length of 84.6 in., and a seat height of 32.3 in., which paired with low Ace handlebar give the motorcycle a sport riding position. At first, the seat looks like a single model, but actually has the passenger seat cleverly hidden under a rear cover. This motorcycle has a simple monochromatic design available in Phantom Black or Brookland Green with a traditional stripe from the top of the tank to the rear fairing.

2015 Thruxton

Custom parts

The Thruxton 2015 has a tremendous style and personality, but this does not mean that it is impossible to personalize even more. This sporty Cafe Racer can be transformed into any other classic style. Over the years we have worked with many Truxton models, and the creativity of each motorcyclist added to the professional craftmanship of our incredible team have combined to create unique motorcycles.

In most of our customization projects our team have had to develop new elements to create exactly what our clients envisioned, that’s how our catalog of handcrafted parts and accessories has grown over the years, and they are available to modify not only the 2015 Triumph Thruxton, but all models into any classic style with the easy plug and play technology, for an easy removal and placement.


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