Triumph Thruxton 2020

The Triumph Thruxton 2020 is a classic motorcycle with a sport style manufactured by Triumph bikes since 2004. With a series of major updates in 2016, the Thruxton has become a popular incorporation to the modern classic series. Named after a racetrack in Hampshire where the British manufacturer won all three first places in 1969, this motorcycle was born from success.

triumph thruxton

2020 Triumph Thruxton : New models

We saw the new era of Thruxton in 2016 and since then, this classic motorcycle has introduced new updates and models to keep up with the times. These are the new updates and modifications of the 2020 Triumph Thruxton models. The year 2020 brought us life-altering global events and three Thruxton models, the Thruxton 1200, Thruxton R, and Thruxton RS. The first two remain pretty much unchanged, but the launch of the RS comes with news.

triumph thruxton 1200

Thruxton 2020: Thruxton 1200 R

This motorcycle is the embodiment of the cafe racer from the 60s with the comfort and the performance of a motorcycle of the 21st century. This motorcycle has a 1200cc parallel twin engine, adjustable front and rear suspension, and higher spec tires and brakes. A great combination of power and style.

2020 Thruxton: Thruxton 1200 RS

With little change from the other models, this 2020 Thruxton is the star of the year. The Thruxton RS maintains the characteristic Cafe Racer style and adds power with a liquid-cooled parallel twin 1200cc engine that has been adapted to follow the Euro 5 regulations, so it is more efficient and has a lower consumption.

This 2020 Triumph Thruxton has a lighter battery and components in the engine, which helps reduce the total weight of the motorcycle by around 13.2 lbs. The weight paired with the new technology that adds three riding modes, Road, Rain, and Ports, makes for easier handling even in adverse situations.

The technology and performance of this Triumph Thruxton 2020 are seamlessly combined with the classic and sport-oriented style of the motorcycle. The paint work selected for this motorcycle has gray, black and red in an elegant design on the fuel tank and the rear fairing. The rest of the accessories are in chrome or black to match this design.

Triumph Thruxton 2020: Custom parts

Even with its very characteristic style and recognizable appearance, the Thruxton is still versatile enough for a customization. We’ve worked in over 120 customizations and have not seen two motorcycles alike; this noble model of the British manufacturer always leaves room for the personality of each rider to shine through.


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