Triumph Bay Area

There are currently four dealers of Triumph in the Bay Area, Marin Speed Shop is a dealership located in San Rafael that offers new and pre-owned motorcycles and has a service and parts department with a friendly and experienced staff.

Munroe Motors in San Francisco is a conveniently located dealer of Triumph in the Bay Area, this dealer is committed to offer the best new and used motorcycles of the British brand, as well as service, parts, accessories, and apparel.

Another dealer of Triumph in the Bay Area is California Speed Sports in Dublin, a family-owned and operated business with over twenty years of experience. This dealer offers new and used motorcycles, parts and accessories, service, and a friendly and knowledgeable staff.

The last dealer of Triumph in the Bay Area is Spirit Motorcycles in San Jose. This dealer is focused on being the most customer-oriented dealer in the area and they have won several awards for their customer service. They offer new and used motorcycles, rentals, a service department, a pick up and delivery program, and exclusive events.

Having a Triumph in the Bay Area means carrying a bit of British engineering through the incredible landscapes and stops of these popular cities.

Triumph Bay Area, custom motorcycle by Tamarit

We only customize the motorcycles that are part of the Modern Classic series of the British brand, this specialization has allowed us to better understand every nook and cranny of these models, their classic engines, and all their potential. We are based in Spain, and we welcome all motorcycles’ enthusiast to our showroom. We work with clients from all over the world and our custom motorcycles can be found on the roads of many countries, including the US.

The process of shipping one of our custom Triumph to the Bay Area, is the same as sending one to any city or state. We work with a company specialized in international shipping that ensures the custom motorcycle arrives in perfect condition, and with a team of engineers that make sure the motorcycle follows all regulations and laws of the US, so it can cruise on its streets without any complications.

Our team works with each client on every step of the process, from the design to the shipping, to bring their unique vision to life in an exclusive and personal motorcycle. After over one hundred customizations, we have yet to see two motorcycles alike.