Triumph Tucson

The Triumph Tucson dealer is AZKKT, Arizona Kawasaki KTM Triumph Tucson, a family owned and operated business which boasts of the friendliest and most knowledgeable staff. This dealership not only has new and pre-owned motorcycles, but also offers a wide range of services that include accessory installation, battery inspection, break-in service, and more. Other dealers of Triumph near Tucson based in Arizona are Phoenix Triumph in Mesa and GO AZ Motorcycles in Scottsdale and in Peoria.

Having a Triumph in Tucson means carrying a bit of the over one hundred years of history of the biggest UK based motorcycle manufacturer on the streets of this beautiful city. The history of the motorcycle giant began in 1887 with a bicycle factory and it transformed through the decades to become what we now know as the biggest UK based motorcycle manufacturer. Known all over the world, these motorcycles perfectly combine the latest technology with a classic style.

Triumph Tucson

Unique custom motorcycles by Tamarit

A ride in a custom motorcycle would be an incredible plan in this city that offers a wide range of landscapes, from rugged canyons and deserts to pine-topped peaks. The climate of the city offers two major seasons with mild winters and extremely hot summers, so everyone looking for a long motorcycle route with a custom Triumph in Tucson has to be very careful during the summer months.

We specialize in the modern classic models of the British brand, only working with these motorcycles has allowed us to perfect our process and to know everything about the Bonneville engine that powers them. Understanding the potential of these motorcycles is key to make the best customization possible. We have worked in over one hundred customizations and have yet to see two motorcycles alike.

We are based in Spain, but our motorcycles are all over the world. The process to make a customization for the US starts like any other, with an idea. Our team works hand in hand with each client, planning the best way to bring this idea to life, from the design to the contract and the delivery of the finished custom motorcycle, the client is part of every step. We collaborate with a company that specializes in international shipments and a team of engineers that ensure the motorcycle follows all the laws and regulations of the country. Having a custom Triumph in Tucson not only means having a part of British heritage, but also the best of Spanish craftsmanship.