Triumph custom Bonneville

Bonneville bikes are among the most versatile of the Modern Classics range of Triumph bikes. This statement is something that Tamarit can corroborate thanks to years of experience in customizing them. Each one of them has an infinity of custom features that differentiate it from the rest and make them unique pieces worldwide, a perfect combination of engine and style: a Triumph custom Bonneville.

Triumph Bonneville custom

Elegant and minimalist

This is the case of Triumph Bonneville custom motorcycles such as JBBS and Aileen, Cafe Racer motorcycles that bring together the essential ingredients of technology, design and know-how; constituting two of the motorcycles that are already part of the Tamarit Elite.

The emptying of its electronics is one of its most custom features. Something that has become common in recent Tamarit projects, is the removal and relocation of the original wiring. For the relocation of this wiring, a small box was created that can be accessed under the seat. The purpose of this emptying is none other than to give the motorcycle a more elegant and minimalist aesthetic, something that fully characterizes the legendary Cafe Racer style.

Bonneville custom

Unique jewels

Another Bonneville custom jewel is collected under the name Gotham. One of its most custom aspects is the extension of the swingarm, which gives less height to the bike and consequently more comfort.

Similarly, bikes like B52, Aileen and California stand out among other features of the Triumph custom Bonneville for having a rear lenticular tire that gives stability to the bike by offering a strong wind resistance.

These are just some of the motorcycles that we have in Tamarit. Each and every one of those that make up our catalog have custom details that make them unique jewels in the world. Dare to be the next owner of a Triumph Bonneville custom.