Triumph Thruxton 1200 custom

A Triumph Thruxton 1200 custom combines the classic cafe racer style so characteristic of these models with a personal and exclusive design that will turn heads wherever it goes. Launched in 2016, the improved performance and technology of the Thruxton 1200 and 1200 R are perfect for those looking for a more powerful version of the previous model.

The history of these motorcycles takes us back to the launch of the first Thruxton in the sixties, named after the British brand won all three first places on the Truxton 500 in Hampshire in 1969. This successful beginning would continue, making this model one of the most popular of the modern classic series.

A custom Thruxton 1200: Impeccable character and performance

With impeccable performance and a characteristic cafe race style, this motorcycle has an improved 1200cc parallel twin engine, more efficient and cleaner for the environment. This motorcycle also has an excellent handling aided by the Nissing brakes with switchable ABS, KYB cartridge forks and twin shocks, and the three riding modes: Road, Rain, and Sport.

This imposing motorcycle takes inspiration from the first models of the 60s, and maintains a simple and elegant design; the latest model was available in Jet Black and Korosi Red. A good custom Thruxton 1200 manages to have an exclusive and personal design without disregarding the character and history of the motorcycle. The combination of classic style and the latest technology is one of the reasons this motorcycle is so popular.

Tamarit’s custom Thruxton 1200: The original cafe racer

Every customization starts with a unique idea, our incredible team works with each client to create a personal and exclusive design and to determine the best way to make the exact custom Thruxton 1200 they want. We only customize motorcycles that are part of the modern classic series of the British brand, this has allowed us to know every nook and cranny of the Bonneville engines that power them. Over the last years we have worked on over one hundred projects, making unique custom Thruxton 1200 for clients all over the world.

We have worked with all the Thruxton models, from the classic Thruxton 900 to the latest addition to the family, the RS. When making a Triumph Thruxton 1200 custom it is easy to follow the characteristic cafe racer style of this motorcycle, however all the other classic styles fit this model perfectly.