All you need to know about the Thruxton turn signals

The Thruxton turn signals have a simple design that is compatible with all the models of this modern classic. Made by the best professionals combining the latest technology and high-quality materials. These turn signals are a great upgrade for the original stock ones of the British brand. With an undeniable sports style, this motorcycle has a very characteristic look that is surprisingly versatile, you can add and upgrade parts to create something new and unique. Browse the Thruxton section on our web to find our customization projects and see how these turn signals look on different models.

Features of the Triumph Thruxton indicators 

The Triumph Thruxton turn signals tend to be smaller than the ones that come with the motorcycle, which creates a more minimalistic look. Even if they are smaller, the lights are powerful and are covered by a very resistant material that protects them from any small bump they can get on the road. We work to ensure the installation process as simple as possible, so once the part arrives and with some basic mechanic knowledge, you can install it at home. This is because we consider the anchor points of the original part. But with elements that have an electronic element like the Triumph Thruxton led turn signals we recommend that a professional makes the installation to make sure everything works correctly on the road.  Go to the description page where you will find more detailed information about this product like the materials used, the exact measures, the color options, and more.


When we are not designing new parts and customizing modern classics, we are looking for the best brands that innovate to create the best products to personalize the motorcycles of the British brand.  All the products that you can see on the web have a two-year warranty in case you notice that something is not working. If you have questions about any of our products, the warranty, or the return policy, go to the Help & FAQ section or ask our team for more information.

How to contact our team

If you want to know more about the Thruxton front turn signal, the shipping process, or the installation, go to the contact section on the web. Once there you will find different options to contact our team, you only have to choose the one you prefer.