2012 Triumph Bonneville

The Bonneville is an iconic motorcycle first launched in 1959, named after the place where Triumph broke multiple speed records at the beginning of the decade. This model is very popular to this date for the way it combines the classic style of the older Triumph motorcycles with the comforts and technology of today.

Each year, the British brand brings us news and updates of this classic motorcycle. We highlighted the main characteristics of the 2012 Triumph Bonneville models.

Triumph Bonneville years

Triumph Bonneville 2012: Elegance

The 2012 generation of this incredible motorcycle has the classic elegance of the first models. This motorcycle has an air-cooled parallel twin engine with a hidden injection system in the form of old-fashioned carburetors.

The novelty with the Triumph Bonneville from 2012 is the lower seat, at 29.1 in. This seat is more accessible for riders of different heights, although the taller ones might want to go on a test ride to see if it is a good fit.

2012 Bonneville: Bonneville T100

Arguably one of the most famous models of the British brand, the T100 carries the heritage of the old motorcycles in its design combined with modern performance.

The 2012 Bonneville has an 865cc parallel twin engine with electric injection that is camouflaged as an old-fashioned carburetor to maintain the classic look. Available in black or a two-tone simple design, this motorcycle is elegance and minimalism.

triumph bonneville t120

Bonneville 2012: Bonneville SE

The 2012 Triumph Bonneville SE takes all we love from the Bonneville and elevates it; the SE has an air-cooled 865cc parallel twin engine, lower seat, and 17 in. alloy wheel.

This motorcycle is available in the always elegant black tones, or a simple design in dual colors that can be a combination of orange/black or blue/white. It adds accessories like polish engine covers, the chrome logo on the side of the tank, and matching speedometers and tachometers to complete the look.

2012 Triumph Bonneville: Customizing your bike

Our team has worked hand in hand with every client in over 100 customizations to create original and unique designs. Many of the designs in our projects are not possible to accomplish without creating new parts and accessories. In order not to compromise the design and vision created for each motorcycle, our team has developed and handcrafted all kinds of accessories in many different styles. With each project our catalog of parts grows, so there is something for every Bonneville.


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