2018 Triumph Street Twin

The 2018 Triumph Street Twin is the most accessible motorcycle of the modern classic series. Considered by many as a starting point to the Bonneville models, the Street Twin has a style inspired by motorcycles from the sixties with modern performance and the latest technology.

Launched in 2016, this motorcycle quickly became one of the most popular models of the British manufacturer, as the most affordable models of the series, the Street Twin still offers a retro look, impeccable performance, and the latest technology. The 2018 Triumph Street Twin is a fun, easy to handle, and capable motorcycle.

2018 Street Twin specs

Fun and capable

This motorcycle is derived from the iconic Bonneville models, so its 900cc parallel twin engine is a familiar one. Only two years have passed since its launch, so the 2018 Triumph Street Twin has not gone through any major modifications, this motorcycle has a large vinyl seat, Kayaba forks and twin rear shock, Nissin brakes, ABS, and traction control. Light and compact, the 2018 Triumph Street Twin has a dry weight of 437 lbs., a seat height of 29.5 in., and an overall height of 43.9 in.

triumph street twin

The style of the Triumph Street Twin 2018

Eye-catching design

As a naked roadster, this motorcycle carries only the basics and is stripped down of unnecessary elements. Even if it is classified as a standard motorcycle, there are clear elements from the classic styles. The 2018 model forgoes the dual-tone design many of the modern classic models go for and is available in a wide and elegant scheme of colors, including Jet Black, Matt Black, Crystal White, Aluminium Silver, and Cranberry Red, with the rest of the elements in black and chrome to complete the look.

Customizing the Street Twin of 2018

A timeless style

Since its launch, this 2018 Street Twin has been presented as built to customize, its simple silhouette and the lack of unnecessary elements does make it easy to personalize.

We specialize in the modern classic models and have worked in over one hundred customizations so far; each time, we work closely with the client to ensure we design exactly what they want for their motorcycle. On each project our team develops new custom parts and accessories to better fit that vision, this has helped our catalog of plug and play parts for the modern classics to grow. Over the years, we have yet to see two motorcycles alike.


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