Triumph Bonneville Bobber custom

A Triumph Bonneville Bobber custom combines the long history of this style with a personal and exclusive design. Bobber motorcycles have been around for a long time, this style became popular in the thirties in the custom scene in the US and gained even more popularity over the years. In 2016 the British brand launched their take on this imposing style with remarkable success. As part of the modern classic series, this motorcycle perfectly combines the comforts of the latest technology with a timeless style, a custom Bonneville Bobber will certainly turn heads wherever it goes.

Bonneville Bobber custom

Custom built

The latest update on this motorcycle is on the 2022 model, which still has the characteristic Bobber frame, but with improved performance and technology. This motorcycle has a 1200cc liquid cooled parallel twin engine, updated to be more efficient and cleaner for the environment. One of the most common complaints on previous models was the fuel tank’s capacity, which is now 3.17 gal.

This model has a low floating seat and wide high handlebars, for a comfortable classic Bobber riding position, it also has a simple design available in Matt Storm Grey, Matt Ironstone, Jet Black, and Cordovan Red. The minimalist design makes it very easy to make an original and unique custom Bonneville Bobber.

Bonneville Bobber custom by Tamarit

A personal and original idea

A Bobber motorcycle is quite easy to recognize thanks to its low stance and imposing style. However, its simple silhouette with clean lines make it a perfect motorcycle to customize, and this is not such a surprising fact as it was born from the custom scene, there is no limit for a Triumph Bonneville Bobber custom. The best customizations manage to have a unique and personal design without completely overpowering the heritage and original look of the motorcycle.

A Triumph Bonneville Bobber custom starts like any other customization project, with an idea. Each client works closely with our team to turn that idea into an original design which then our mechanics will turn into a reality, creating and developing custom parts and accessories. We have worked on over one hundred custom motorcycles so far, and thanks to the collaboration of our team with every client, we have yet to see two custom motorcycles alike. Only working with motorcycles of the modern classic series has allowed us to know every part of these models and their potential.