Triumph Thruxton for sale

Triumph bikes has given a blow on the table with two new versions of another legendary model of the British house, the Triumph Thruxton for sale and its sporty version, the Thruxton R. Within the Classic family the new Triumph Thruxton represents the most sporty and dynamic side of the entire range and, in 2016. with a deep update, this British brand promises to fight very hard to stand out in the growing vintage/neo-retro segment.

Thruxton motorcycles for sale: Perfect style for a Thruxton

Triumph Thruxton motorcycles for sale is the model of the British brand that is known as the original Cafe Racer for, among many other features, the position of its semi handlebars, its rear footrests and its suspension.

With the semi handlebars the lines are much more stable, getting you to go where you point. In addition to this, you will gain extra weight on the front wheel knowing better what is being stepped on at all times; the rear footrests will give you a better riding position and the suspensions a correct aerodynamics.

Like the rest of the Modern Classics range, the Triumph Thruxton for sale has received slight upgrades. In addition to the rims, the mirrors are now located at the ends of the handlebars. It includes the adjustable fork and a chrome chaincover. The megaphone-type, raised exhausts sound more forceful. Finally, in terms of decoration, both the front fairing and the cowl cap have a gold stripe painted as standard.

Triumph Thruxton motorcycles for sale: Thruxton R y RS

The Triumph Thruxton R is one of the most anticipated developments of 2016. We already knew that the British firm was immersed in a deep renewal of its classic range, but when the first images of the new Triumph thruxton for sale were seen, the world fell silent. Elegant as a good British, with all the current technology and with a strong sporty character; this is the formula of a motorcycle that promises to revolutionize the segment of high-displacement retro.

The Triumph Thruxton RS 2020 Triumph Thruxton RS is a new model that comes to the family 'modern classics' of the British brand. It is added as the penultimate step of technology and components after the Triumph Thruxton and Triumph Thruxton R, only behind the exclusive Triumph Thruxton TFC.

Triumph Thruxton motorcycles for sale: Customization experts

At Tamarit Motorcycles we are experts in customizing Thruxton motorcycles for sale. High performance models such as the Thruxton 900, the Thruxton R, the Thruxton RS. Unique pieces such as Jade, Arcadia, Ikigai, Gullwing, Gullwing X, Soberbia, Claus or Renatide are some of Tamarit's most innovative and emblematic Thruxton motorcycles.