Bike number 79, a Bonneville SE transformed by Tamarit Motorcycles.


Chassis modification and a Bonneville SE engine

The motorcycle that was used as the basis for project 79 is a Bonneville SE, to which the chassis has been modified to raise the rear of the motorcycle.

Fog lights

Greater visibility and aesthetic value in the Xaréu’s transformation.

This project is known as Xaréu, which in the Asturian language means “Jaleo”, and that is where this Tamarit motorcycle is going.

In addition, fog lights have also been added to the handlebars, adding aesthetic value to the final result of the transformation.

Cafe Racer hybrid style with a single seat

A customized single-seater seat made to fit the hybrid aesthetics between Cafe Racer and Brat Style.

Redesign of electronics and inserted speedo

Premium aesthetics thanks to the removal of the original electronics that have been relocated and the embedding of the speedometer in the tank.

Once again, the original electronics have been removed to achieve a lighter aesthetic characteristic of the Bonneville Cafe Racer.

In addition, a modification has also been made to the tank, where the speedometer has been embedded, which adds a sportier finish.

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White rims in contrast to the classic aesthetics

The rims have been painted white using a sandblasting process for a better result.

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Xaréu details

What would it cost me a similar project?
What would it cost me a similar project?

Thanks Adrián!

We want to express our gratitude to Adrián for his blind trust in us, blind in a literal way, because until the end he didn’t see anything of the final result of the bike.

It is in this kind of projects that Tamarit’s workshop team enjoys the most, because owners like Adrián allow them to explore new results due to his trust. On this occasion, the rims were painted several times, looking for the best combination and what would best fit the personality of the owner, Adrián, who has been delighted with the result. Welcome to the Tamarit family.

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