Triumph Bobber

The Triumph Bobber is one of the UK manufacturer’s slickest models and is undoubtedly among one of the most exciting motorcycles to hit the market in recent years. These low-slung machines are known for their cruising capacities and minimalist maneuvering. 
Triumph Bobber makeovers present riders with a unique chance to customize the motorcycle in order to achieve a tailor-made result at the hand of experts.

Custom Triumph Bobber Motorcycles

Launched in the first half of the twentieth century, bobber style motorcycles are often synonymous with early custom culture in the United States. In fact, it’s primary aim back in the 1920s was to improve on both the performance and style of the Harley Davidson “J” model. As the “J” model started to get old in the late 1920s, owners began to shorten the rear fenders and mufflers, which started the movement that would later become the Bobber style.

Triumph’s popularity in this style erupted in the 1940s, when many Speed Twins and Tigers were imported before the war with Bobber modifications made, which was proof that the British motorcycle brand had been involved in the Bobber movement from the beginning. Despite this, it was not until many years later that Triumph brought out its own Bobber model as such. The first Triumph Bonneville Bobber was announced near the end of 2017 and finally began selling in February 2017.

But what distinguishes these motorcycles from other models? Well, it all comes down to reducing its overall weight and improving the air dynamics of the model itself. Therefore, any superfluous elements were quickly eliminated to facilitate acceleration.

Let’s take the example of the famous peanut-shaped fuel talk. It may look aesthetically pleasing but in most cases their capacity is relatively low compared to other models. Though of course technology has improved over time, the fuel capacity of these bikes remains somewhat average.

New Triumph Bobber generation

With a distinctive silhouette, minimalist styling, wide handlebars and a low-slung frame, the Triumph Bobber becomes the true modern icon of neoclassical culture. This new generation of motorcycles is powered by a 1,200cc parallel-twin engine that provides powerful acceleration, an even more energetic response that also complies with Euro5 regulations.

In 2021, the Triumph Bobber has received an update both inside and in the aesthetic part, which is intended to achieve a more robust appearance. Another of the most recognizable features of these models is its floating seat, which gives the bike an exceptional aesthetic value.

Undoubtedly, this model also comes ready to be customized and adapted to the taste of each rider. A perfect bike to show personality and style wherever you go.

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Triumph Bonneville Bobber 2021: the ride thriller

The Bonneville Bobber motorcycles from Triumph stand out for their muscular look and their recently integrated advanced riding technology. However, although many customers prefer not to meddle with the more characteristic features of these slick machines, there are still plenty of things that can be customized by the Tamarit team.

Triumph’s latest model is a nod to current minimalist tendencies with features limited yet highly innovative. For example, its expertly engineered under-seat mono-shock suspension system, which comprises a floating aluminum seat pan and a fully adjustable seating position is designed to ensure a comfortable, more enjoyable ride. The seat itself is also just 690mm high, making it an extremely accessible motorcycle to ride.

And the surprises don’t end there. The 2021 model also includes Road and Rain riding modes, Ride-by-Wire Technology, LED lighting, switchable traction control, and more. Available in a variety of colors including Korosi Red and Silver Ice, Khaki Green, Morello-Red, and Jet Black, it’s guaranteed to be a big hit with riders.

The largest builder of motorcycles with Triumph Bobber engine

Tamarit’s work philosophy is reflected in the values of the British brand, in which we have specialized and carried out more than 100 projects based on the engines of this brand. Thanks to our experience, we have become the largest transformer of motorcycles with Triumph engines in the world. Specialization is the fundamental base of our way of working and the final goal is to achieve the motorcycle dreamed by our customers.

The Triumph Bobber has been one of the last models to arrive to Triumph’s neoclassic range, but not for that reason it has a short history since it is a very popular style that has its origins in the 20’s. Although it has also been one of the last models to arrive to our catalog, since the launch of Valquiria, our first Bobber style bike, more and more people come to us in love with this unique and personal style.

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The final projects presented in this section not only maintain the main aesthetic features of the era, but are combined with the most modern features and technological advances on the market. This timeless union manages to allow the creation of true works of art that are also fully functional.

New Triumph Bonneville Bobber Improvements

As we mentioned, the latest model of the timeless Bonneville Bobber includes a number of state-of-the-art mod cons. However, there are also a number of other improvements that are worthy of mention.

One of its main improvements is an increase in the motorcycle’s fuel tank capacity. This time around 12-litre fuel tank has been added to the model which corresponds to 30% improvement on the mere 9-liter capacity of the original model.

Other standout improvements include higher spec Brembo brakes and Showa forks and a fat new 16-inch front wheel which gives a particularly imposing and muscular front-end presence to the model. Both features are designed to provide enhanced driving capabilities without straying from the essence of the classic Triumph Bobber design.

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The Triumph Bobber style of Tamarit

Not all the projects that are made in our workshop are featured on the web and those who do it is to introduce a new concept that we have not worked before, this is the case of Valquiria. The motorcycle number 80 of Tamarit, allowed us to do two things that we like the most: to show new parts and to discover a new style.

Here you can see the final result of the transformation made on a Triumph Bobber engine, which is accompanied by the development of new parts designed exclusively for this model.

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Triumph Bobber frequently questions

Do I need a Triumph Bobber to start a Tamarit project?

If you already have a Triumph Bobber bike, the process to start working on getting a completely unique and customized bike to suit your needs, is very simple. Having a bike that will serve as a base for your project, you just have to take a look at our previous works on the basis of a Bobber engine to find the inspiration that will serve as a guideline for the final project.

If you do not have a motorcycle for the project, no problem, the Tamarit team will find the perfect motorcycle, according to the needs of the project to be carried out. Our team acts as a bridge between the customer and the seller of the bike, making the acquisition of the bike that will serve as the basis of the future transformation.


Where do you pick up my Bobber for the transformation?

We pick up your Triumph Bobber at your door, transform it and bring it back to your door. We have a transport company with which we pick up your bike from any point in the world. Tamarit takes care of everything so you can enjoy this experience without worries.


How are the Bonneville Bobber transformations?

The process of transformation of the Tamarit Bonneville Bobber begins with a simple form that will set the guidelines for future meetings with the project team, after which the first sketches will begin in which you can start to see the final result of the bike. During this process, Tamarit provides support from professionals who will help you achieve the desired end result on your bike.

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In just 5 years, Tamarit has managed to become a benchmark in terms of transformations on Triumph motorcycles. This specialization in his work has given great results, which have been echoed by both national and international media. Tamarit’s presence in the press has become usual due to the recognition granted by the different experts of the sector.

These are some of the most important media in which our Tamarit motorcycles have appeared. Read what some of the best specialized media in the motor world think about our work.

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If there is something, we are proud of, it is what we call the Tamarit family. Our family is formed by all those who have placed their trust in us to get the bike of their dreams, something we always strive to achieve.

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