Tamarit Triumph Bonneville SE seat

The SE model has a very distinctive classical look thanks to its parts and accessories, the Triumph Bonneville SE seat could not be different. Stripped down from any unnecessary items, the seat prioritizes elegance and comfort.

About the Triumph Bonneville SE custom seat

The Triumph Bonneville SE custom seat is made with the best materials and inspired by the customization projects we work on every day. Made specifically for this model, the installation of the seat does not require the help of a professional or any major modification to the motorcycle. Following a plug and play technology, after a few minutes and using only some basic tools the seat will be placed and ready to go.

Features of the Triumph Bonneville SE aftermarket seat

Materials: The seat is made with polyurethane, foam, nautic leather, fiberglass and more of the best materials available in the market. Colors: There are four different upholstery colors as well as a paint pallet that includes the original colors used by Triumph. In the description of the seat is possible to see all the color combinations to select the best for your motorcycle. Design: The seats prioritize ergonomics and a simple design to create a comfortable seat able to adapt to any style.


We know that when you buy online you want the part to arrive fast and in perfect conditions. The delivery process takes 72 hours once you have placed your order. Go to our FAQ or contact our team if you have any question about the Triumph Bonneville SE seat or any of our products!

About Tamarit Motorcycles

In Tamarit we search for the unique. We work to bring out the personality of each motorcycle, combining the best craftsmanship and materials we can offer. The complete transformation of a motorcycle is a long project that can easily start by changing a few parts at a time. The creativity and work placed on every transformation project is also the base of the creation of each seat. We want our clients to have the best parts, made to be out of the ordinary.