Triumph speedometer

The Triumph speedometer are made by the best professionals with the latest technology to guarantee the best performance. With a wide range of designs, features, and styles there is a product for every motorcycle.

If you are looking to upgrade the old stock speedometers, browse our web for the best products for the modern classics and find the customization projects we have done that have these speedometer.

Features of the Triumph speedo: 

The different models of the Triumph speedometer are made using materials of the best quality, like stainless steel, making them very resistant. Besides this, all our products have a two-year warranty.

The Triumph tachometer has different designs, some are inspired on a more vintage look from the 60s and others on a more modern style. In both cases, they are made with the latest technology to achieve the best performance. When selecting the product, you can choose the analog or the digital model, as well as the color, you can go for the classic black speedometer or a silver tone.  

How to install the Speedometer Triumph: 

Even if the speedometer comes with other elements that make the installation easier, like the brackets, the installation process can be a bit difficult without the right tools and some knowledge in electronics. This is why we recommend that a professional handle the placement of this product, to ensure they are correctly placed. 

The different Triumph speedometer models are compatible with the modern classics of Triumph. On the description page of every product there are more details, and there you can select your motorcycle model from the display. On that page you will also find more information about the installation process, the exact measures, and a form you can complete to ask for more information to our team.


We team up with well-known brands in the motorcycle world, brands that innovate and create resistant parts that will stay with the motorcycle for years, improving performance and creating a new style.

Our delivery times depend on the part itself, if it needs to be painted, the shipping time is up to 15 days, but if it does not, it is only 72 hours, from the moment the order is placed. The orders are well secured so they arrive to its destinations without a scratch. Contact our team if you have any questions about the shipping process or the return policy.

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