History of the Triumph Bonneville

Why buy a supermarket pie when we can use grandma's classic recipe? This simile is the first one that comes to our mind when we think of a current "Bonnie" and compare it with the new "classic" motorcycles of other brands. History of the Triumph Bonneville is not because it is a reinterpretation of one of their most classic iconic bikes, but because Triumph is a classic brand in every sense of the word, which has been updating the recipe of its model to adapt to the new times without losing what that model was in essence.

Bonneville history: Years of trajectory

57 years of Bonneville history are not written every day. At the Earls Court Motorcycle Show (London) in 1958, one of the most charismatic and legendary Triumph bikes in the history of two-wheelers could be seen for the first time, the beginning of a journey that is perpetuated in the new 2016 classic range of the British manufacturer.

Historia Bonneville

Triumph bonnie history


Bonneville has always been synonymous with tradition, history and "Britishness", something that in the last 15 years has been reconverted into eye-catching, simple and neat retro frames for all audiences. In the 60s the Bonnie exemplified the maximum in the field of superbikes: performance and sportiness in the same product. The symbol of two wheels.

Triumph Bonneville history

A movie star

Public figures such as Steve McQueen, James Dean, Marlon Brando, Bob Dylan, Clint Eastwood, David Beckham or Carl Fogarty are some of the best ambassadors of the Triumph Bonneville history, managing to identify and extend the logo of the centenary English brand (let's not forget that it was born in 1902) beyond the merely commercial.

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