Modern Scrambler motorcycle

A modern scrambler motorcycle combines the latest cutting-edge technology with all the traditional characteristics of this classic style. Even if many Scrambler models can be described this way, today we are focusing on the 2021 updated version of two very well known models.

We were able to see the launch of the Scrambler 1200 motorcycles not too long ago. The 2019 Triumph bikes were the perfect example of what a modern scrambler bike is supposed to be. However, with the arrival of the new Euro 5 regulations, we now have updated versions of these models.

Modern Scrambler: Scrambler 1200 XC

Described by many as a more street focused motorcycle than the XE, the 2021 update of the Scrambler XC has kept most of the same specifications, but to abide by the new regulations the engine has been modified and the catalyst had to be moved. The engine now generates less emissions, but the power has not been affected.

The characteristics that define a modern scrambler were left practically untouched, such as the wide handlebar, the tires, and exhaust placed on the upper side. The performance is still excellent on any road.

Modern Scrambler bikes: Scrambler 1200 XE

On the other hand, the Scrambler XE can be considered a more off-road oriented motorcycle and the “bigger” brother of the Scrambler XC. That is why it receives higher specification parts. The engine of this model has also been modified to follow the new restrictions and to lower its emission, but the power remains the same and the consumption has lowered too.

This new scrambler motorcycle still has the latest technology and adds a new riding mode: Off-road pro. This model has been described as the best off-road motorcycle, and it clearly has all the specifications to have great performance on any road.

Modern Scrambler: Latest technology

Both the scrambler XC and the XE have not modified much of their appearance, keeping the off-road and classic style, as well as the latest technology. However, there are new colors available, in a wider scheme of black, green, matte, and blue, these new options allow us to further personalize the modern scrambler bike.

Both models are great motorcycles for scrambler enthusiasts. The latest updates and modifications leave space to create amazing and original customizations. The new technological innovations don’t cease to amaze and makes us wonder what will come next.


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