Custom Scramblers

Custom Scramblers are a perfect motorcycle for adventure seekers, capable of riding on the city streets and the rural paths. Easily recognizable for some of its main traits, like the high exhaust or the knobby tires, this model is the perfect base for customization.

Customizing a motorcycle is to develop a new design with an original view and a personal style, new parts can be added, created or removed altogether. A good customization has to tell a story and perform correctly. Most Custom Scramblers retain all the recognizable characteristics of the style and add an unexpected factor.

Custom Scramblers for sale: Original parts

So far, we have customized over 100 motorcycles. Each project is possible thanks to an incredible team of professionals that create original parts and motorcycles every day.

We believe in specialization; we only work with modern classic engines which allows us to further develop our parts and designs. All projects are different, and usually we have to create new parts to achieve exactly what we want. The professional team of mechanics, designers, developers, and all the workers create unique and original motorcycles on each project.

No two motorcycles are the same, all Custom Scramblers for sale have original designs that allow them to tell their own stories.

Customized Scramblers: Tamarit’s projects

From start to finish the process of getting a Custom Scrambler takes from 90 to 180 days. Once the client contacts us, we establish the concept for the customization and then we provide several sketches and a personalized quote. We draft a contract and purchase a motorcycle.

If there is no need for this last step, our team starts to work on the motorcycle right away. On the section of the web: How do we work; the customization process is detailed step by step.

Custom Scramblers for sale: Recognizable characteristics

We have been able to work with all the modern classic models, many of which were scramblers. Most Custom Scramblers keep the main recognizable characteristics that identify them, others go a completely different direction, all our Custom Scramblers have something that makes them unique.

To name a few examples, our project number 71, Goima, a black motorcycle with minimalistic details in gold is a classic design, is completely different from project number 76, Dakar, with its Dakar Rally influence. The story behind each motorcycle is available on the page dedicated to every project.


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