Best Scrambler motorcycle

The best scrambler motorcycle is the one that can ride on any surface. That is why every part of the design must be carefully thought out to guarantee an excellent performance on any terrain, being smooth concrete or a muddy road. The Scrambler is a style that can be easily recognized thanks to some specific traits like: the location of the exhaust, the type of tires, the seat, handlebar, to name a few.

The exhaust is usually placed on the upper side of the motorcycle, high enough to avoid hitting any stray object on the road. While choosing the tires, they tend to be knobby or mixed to hold on to all surfaces; the seat on these motorcycles are generally long and plain. The headlight grill is an iconic stamp on most scramblers, as is the wide handlebar.

The overall style is heavily inspired by racing, which implies a light frame, but there is always room for creativity while designing the best scrambler bike.

Best Scrambler

Most recognizable traits

The best scrambler motorcycle will certainly have the most recognizable traits of this style, but it also must have a unique personality. To customize a motorcycle is to select every detail of the design and develop new parts guided by the best professionals to create something unique. Each motorcycle has a story, and the little details help create the best scrambler bike.

The Best Scrambler

#92 Angel

On this project white takes over the 60s inspired scrambler, with the presence of blue and silver as complementary colors. This project checks all the boxes of a scrambler, but what sets it apart is the low exhaust that was specially designed and crafted for this motorcycle. Even if it’s not the most common thing to see on a scrambler, this personalized detail makes all the difference.

Best Scrambler bike

#76 Dakar

A new exhaust was also designed and developed by the team for this project, and this time they added a customizable heat shield. The higher location of the new exhaust, the headlight grill, the Alpine seat, and the other customized parts complete the style of this scrambler. This motorcycle also takes great inspiration from the Dakar Rally, the paint work, the design, and all the small details are there to tell the story of the motorcycle.

Best Scrambler motorcycle

#72 Libertas

Project number 72 combines the latest technology with a gentlemanly classic style. Libertas is a motorcycle designed and crafted in Spain that is now riding on the roads of the US. This scrambler has been completely painted in chrome and, with nickel plating and details in black, has a powerful and classic final look. Number 72 also has the latest motogadget technology and all the traditional characteristics of a scrambler.

The Best Scrambler motorcycle

#71 Goima

Project number 71 has been painted in black and has some minimalistic details in gold, achieving an elegant and subtle look. This motorcycle has all the common traits of a scrambler: the headlight grill, high exhaust, wide handlebar, and a long seat. For this project the team had to, once again, design and develop new parts, such as the exhaust, eliminator kit, chain cover, and sump guard, to name a few.

Best Scrambler bike

On any road

It is always good to know the main and most recognizable characteristics of a style. At the end of the day, a good scrambler is the one that can perform on any road. However, the rules are not set in stone, the best scrambler motorcycle is the one that takes all we know and adds personality and originality to create something new.


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